A hard egg to crack

Protein transition and veganism are indispensable trends. TOP-BV will therefore invest in the development of ingredients, products and systems to create a vegan alternative to the egg in the near future. The expectation is to offer these products for use in vegan recipes, mainly in bakery products.

In addition to vegetarianism, it is now up to veganism to play a leading role in the food sector. It is one of the trends that continues to grow. At TOP-BV we have been aware of this for some time. From our plant-based meat substitutes to our vegetarian fat platform, we continue to steadily develop alternatives to animal products. However, the egg, the almost magical multifunctional ingredient, turns out to be quite the challenge. But it is not one that we are avoiding.

After all, we have already been able to celebrate success with the technical development of vegan scrambled eggs together with Kipster. A great way to make Sunday breakfast a lot more environmentally- and animal friendly. A huge step in the right direction! Despite this, there are still plenty of recipes where egg is of great importance. It is often essential, especially in bakery products. With that given fact and the growing number of online vegan recipes, we are working to develop ingredients, products and systems to replace egg. To succeed it is necessary to look at this challenge from a broad perspective. An egg can have many different functions. Gelling and thickening? Check. Foaming? Check. Emulsifying? There can be many functions for the egg, sometimes there are multiple within the same product. Fortunately, thanks to our extensive knowledge of comparable innovative processes in the protein transition, we are well on the way to tackle this challenge.

It probably hasn’t escaped anyone’s attention that the protein transition is in full swing. A wide range of alternative ingredients is developed in all corners of the food sector. Meat substitutes, plant-based milk and yogurt have become staples on the supermarket shelves. However, there are hardly any vegan bakery products. TOP-BV believes that this should change sooner rather than later. That is why we will be looking for the best ways to realize these ingredients and/or technologies in the near future.

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