Build your own TOP factory

At the moment a new food factory is being built in Eastern Europe for a catering company that has a high standard for product quality. TOP bv contributed to the mechanical part of the production process development.

In the fall of 2022 TOP bv was assisting a restaurant chain in making the design of a production line for a new plant. This plant is to be used exclusively by a couple dozen branches for the production of ready soups and sauces. “The branch already had a production facility, but it has become too small and it was not up to standard,“ says project manager Babet Waterink. “After acquiring a new facility the organisation reached out to TOP bv to make the design of the production process and to provide council on the required machines.”

TOP has experience with machines used in the food industry as well as expertise in the field of food technology. These two perspectives are used to make a two dimensional design of the production facility based on the requirements, wishes and preferences of the client. In this design the desired production capacity, packaging preferences and the option to freeze the final product are also taken into account.

Next, TOP provided council on the choice of machines. TOP recommended which machines could be used for the different applications. The recommendations were based on the input of multiple engineers and the knowledge TOP has of the most recent innovations in this rapidly-changing industry. “Information is readily available in the digital age,” Waterink points out. “However, knowing your way around Google is not enough to make a complete design as we did.”

Naturally, TOP provides unbiased council. “We do not have exclusive partnerships with one or two machine manufacturers,” Waterink points out. “We have a complete overview of the total supply, which we use to select the best options for our clients.”

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