Collaboration between TOP and Blue Fifty

TOP bv from Wageningen and Polish company Blue Fifty from Krakow are joining forces. Together they are researching possibilities to produce new vegetable proteins within the EU. This way, they offer a cost-effective solution for the emerging market.

After all, the demand for proteins continues to increase. However, we cannot meet this growing demand with animal proteins alone. The transition to the consumption of alternative and sustainable protein sources (also known as the protein transition) is therefore an important part of the “Farm to Fork Strategy”, which forms the heart of the European Green Deal.

According to TOP bv and Blue Fifty, the answer lies in the production of protein-rich semi-finished products from European-grown raw materials. A state-of-the-art factory design for the production of high-quality proteins from Polish legumes thus contributes to the European protein transition.

Blue Fifty specialises in the application of innovative sustainable technologies and develops projects to offer solutions for contemporary challenges in which people and the environment are paramount. Naturally TOP bv recognizes itself in this comprehensive practical approach and search for optimal solutions. It only makes sense that these parties will work together.

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