Complete cold pressing test facility for fruit and vegetable juices

Producers of fruit and vegetable juices that are interested in producing fresh, cold pressed juices, can now make use of the new testing facilities of the Dutch innovation company TOP bv. The company has established a complete new testing facility with different cold presses and cold pasteurization methods. Producers can perform tests to find out which method is most suitable for their juices. The demand for healthy juices is increasing and cold pressing is the best way to preserve the healthy nutrients in fresh juices.

Cold pressed juices are gaining popularity. In the United Stated the market size of cold pressed juices is increasing rapidly. One of the biggest companies there is Evolution Fresh, the well-known juice brand of Starbucks. But also in Europe more and more producers have started with cold pressing, as a response to the health trend.

Different methods
Cold pressing ensures that nutrients are much better preserved than in the traditional way of pressing that works with heat. In combination with a cold pasteurization method, these properties are also preserved and the juice is made safe. TOP bv has experience with different cold pressing methods, including a screw press and a hydraulic press. After many experiments they have build a lot of knowledge on these methods. They found out that the ideal press technique is different for each product. For example a screw press is best for leafy vegetables, while a hydraulic press is best for fruit and vegetables with lots of flesh. As a juice producer starting with cold pressing it can be very hard to decide what equipment to buy.

Testing facility
To be able to help juice producers that want to start with cold pressing, TOP bv has opened a testing facility. It is a perfect combination of TOP’s cold pasteurization facilities pascalisation and Pure Pulse. This combination makes the juice safe for consumption as harmful bacteria are killed, but without loosing the healthy nutrients. It also gives the juice a couple of weeks shelf life, without loss of flavor. Through the collaboration with the Dutch companies Pascal Processing and Cool Wave Processing, TOP bv is the first party that brings these technologies together in one testing facility. In addition TOP bv can also support manufacturers in product development, risk assessments and up scaling of production.