Foodlife and TOP bv launch Pluckr: the solution for mechanically picking grapes

Together with technology supplier foodlife, we developed a revolutionary and patented grape picking technology named Pluckr. Until now it was not possible for fruit producers and processors to destem grapes on a large scale. The likelyhood of stem parts remaining was too high, as well as the risk of product damage. All of which have a negative impact on the quality and shelf life of the grapes. With Pluckr this issue is finally solved. Grapes are released easily, and are no longer damaged during the process. Pluckr was launched recently at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

Most fruit processors pick the grapes manually from the stems to avoid the risk of damaging the product. This is very labor intensive, and thus an expensive process. Pluckr is operated by a maximum of two operators and shakes the grapes off rapidly and easily, without damaging the grapes. This finally makes it economically feasible to sell loosely packed grapes, without any loss in quality.

The technology is unique and patented. A bunch of grapes is attached to a clamp. By using a vibration technique the grapes are shaken loose. This movie shows exactly how it works. The machine can process 300 to 600 kgs per hour, depending on the size and the type of grape. For comparison, one person, by hand, can do 15 to 20 kgs per hour. All in all, this results in a large cost reduction and significant quality improvement.
The first machine has already been delivered to a fruit processor in the Benelux. We will now continue the development of Pluckr for other fruits, such as berries.

Pluckr can easily be combined with the Respiration Control System of PerfoTec, which can extend the shelf life significantly. This will preserve the quality of the grapes, but also opens up the opportunity to reach new geographical markets.

For more information about the Pluckr, please visit the website or contact foodlife: tel. 0031 38 46 53 611