TOP offers inside view on new website

As mentioned in our press release of July 12th:

Inspiration for tomorrow’s food industry. That is what TOP BV from Wageningen wants to deliver with the new website. With show cases the site offers an overview of the most significant innovations the company has co-developed over the last few year, and the service it has to offer to the agrifood industry.

TOP BV, service provider in food design, process design and innovation management, stood at the cradle of advanced food innovations in the past twelve years. Of new processes, like pascalisation, extraction and pasteurization technologies, but also of concrete products like the meet substitute Beeter and the cold pressed juices of Naturalicious. The website, which is organized in categories, offers an inspiring view on the possibilities to come up with new successful products and processes, together with TOP.

TOP strongly believes in open innovation, to which purpose it collaborates with companies from the entire food chain, from farm to fork. Even with companies and industries outside the food industry, like HighTech and Pharma, collaborations are in place. Every conceivable business model is negotiable. TOP believes in the power of collaboration; because partners reinforce each other’s knowhow and experience, each time unique and relevant innovations emerge.

Inspiring new items, blogs and showcases will be published on the website on a regular basis. Interested parties can subscribe to the newsletter on the website to stay informed.