Low carb and gluten free bread goes into production

The low carb, gluten free bread that TOP bv developed last year, will be taken into production by Bakery Wiltink from Doetinchem. Together they will further develop and scale the bread to line production.

The new bread is developed based on fibers, protein and Gum Arabic. The bread is gluten free and does not contain any starch. Therefor it is also low on carbohydrates. This makes it possible for consumers who wish to avoid carbs and gluten to still enjoy bread.

Together with Bakery Wiltink from Doetinchem, TOP will further develop the new bread. The production process needs to be scaled from kitchen to factory. The process line needs to be build and the recipe must be adapted to the larger scale. The expansion of the production line for this bigger scale will be supported by the province of Gelderland, from the European Fund for Regional Development, provided by the European Union. As is the development of the bread.

“Bakery Wiltink is a good partner for us”, says Dennis Favier, creative director of TOP bv. “We’ve spoken to several parties, but Wiltink is a large, innovative company, that already two years ago was rewarded the Year Price Good Food for their gluten free bread YAM. They are progressive in the bread segment, they have room for further development and they are eager to take up this project with us.”

Because it is a matter of a new manufacturing process that still needs to be designed, it will take some time to get to the ideal production line. TOP expects the production of the first loaves of bread in two years.