Multi-production line for meat substitutes available for developers

In our previous newsletter we already mentioned that, in the past year, TOP has worked hard to develop a wide range of vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes*. After the successful initial development phase of such products, however, we are not going to sit idly by at TOP: TOP has recently become proud owner of a multi-purpose production line for the production of various meat substitutes. TOP not only uses this production line itself but is also happy to make it available to others who want to develop, test and run small-scale productions. What do you like to make?

From kitchen mixer to automated process
Scaling up newly developed products is a profession in itself. In the development phase we use food processors, mixers and other everyday household appliances. After all, we only make test products on a small scale to assess them for taste, texture, color, etc. When the product has been perfected at this scale, we will scale up to larger quantities. We are switching from manual work to an automated process. That requires equipment of a larger caliber. TOP has a fully functioning pilot production facility in which 100 to 500 kg of product can be produced and packaged per day. In addition, an extensive quality manual, HACCP analyses and health and safety standards have been drawn up for this production line. This means that the facility meets the highest hygiene and safety standards.

Burgers, balls and nuggets on one line
The pilot production facility consists of several interchangeable modules. This allows the line to be easily converted to produce different products. Almost all common vegetarian products, such as burgers, balls, sausages, minced meat, cubes, strips and nuggets can be produced in this line. Within a day, the line has been converted and ready to make another product. TOP in Wageningen has thus realized the first public pilot plant for the production of meat substitutes.

Pilot facility for rent for trial production
TOP makes this pilot facility available to (co) producers, start-ups and researchers for scale-up tests, pilot productions and small-scale co-productions. We can help you with selecting and adjusting the machines and guiding the scale up experiments. This way, TOP wants to contribute to accelerating innovations in the development of meat substitutes and lowering the cost across the entire breadth of the market.

Are you about to develop a new product, or have you developed a product and are you looking for possibilities to start producing your product? Please contact us via .

* See our article