New cooperation for large volume production of new meat substitutes

The actual demand for vegetable meat substitutes is growing very fast. That explains the importance of increasing the global production of meat substitutes. To support those entrepreneurs active in the production of tasty and cost-efficient products TOP and Sobatech started a partnership. Both companies have joined forces in developing both innovative technology and equipment and machinery,  aimed at production of large pieces of fibrous meat substitutes (muscle meat) in a continuous process and with a large output.

Unique novel way of making meat-like structures (alternative to HME & shear cell technology)

This new technology for the production of a new generation of meat-like structures offers an alternative to structuring methods such as the well-known High-Moisture Extrusion (HME) and the shear cell technology. The new technology is easy to scale up to commercial production of sustainable meat substitutes at low operating costs. and the large output generates an economic cost per unit.

Sobatech, a family business, has over 15 years of experience in inventing and designing improved hygienic mixer designs. They have developed continuous processes for dosing, kneading, mixing and rising a range of food products. Their knowledge and experience in structuring protein and fiber-rich ingredients and products is a perfect combination with TOP’s knowledge of developing meat-analogue recipes and structures. TOP was earlier spearheading the development of recipe and processing of the first generation of chicken-analogue pieces from the Vegetarian Butcher.

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