New standard for hygienic conveyor belt

TOP introduces easy to clean system for food industry

TOP has developed a new standard for high-quality, hygienic conveyor belts for the food industry. The conveyor belts are developed in a way that makes cleaning all critical areas easy, as a result of which contamination can easily be prevented.

Conveyor belts can be found in almost all production companies in the food industry. From a cost perspective these conveyor belts have become cheaper over time, while almost no development has taken place in the area of hygiene. The result is that most conveyor belts are difficult to clean, making them the weakest link in the production line from a food safety perspective.

Because easy to clean conveyor belts were so difficult to find, TOP has taken the initiative to develop a new conveyor belt according to the latest guidelines in hygienic design. With a total focus on the ability to clean: the seals, the edges and the welds are all of such a high quality that dirt and thus bacteria can’t accumulate in uneven areas. Unnecessary covers are left out. Covers are often used to protect against dirt, but result in an accumulation of dirt behind the cover, which is difficult to clean. This false sense of security is avoided here.

The hygienic conveyor belts are mainly developed for transporting unpackaged, perishable products with a high level of water activity such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bread and cheese. With this conveyor belt food manufacturers can reduce the food safety risk to the lowest possible level.

The conveyor belt can be made to fit in every situation. The delivery of the first conveyor belts with hygienic design has already taken place. TOP, together with their development partners, will launch a web shop in a couple of months, where the conveyor belts can easily be ordered.