Pluckr PR1 well received at Fruit Logistica

Last month TOP bv and JFPT Foodlife introduced the latest model of the Pluckr, the PR1, at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin. This grape picking machine only has 1 head, which makes it very suitable for small processors of grapes, cherry tomatoes and berries.

The interest in the new Pluckr – and other smart processing technologies of innovation company TOP – was large. At the joint stand of TOP and JFPT it was very busy throughout the event, with many requests for quotations and more information.

The Pluckr is developed for picking grapes, tomatoes and berries from the stem without damaging the product. When picking the fruits manually from the stem, the skin often gets damaged, reducing the shelf life of the products significantly. The Pluckr does not damage the skin, making it easy to process the products.

The first series of the Pluckr had 3 or 6 heads for intensive processing. The new Pluckr is more compact and requires a lower investment for smaller processers, like a greengrocer, market stall or juice bar. For them the Pluckr with 1 head is an attractive alternative. The PR1 is also interesting for retailers, as consumers can easily let it pick the grapes from the stem in-store themselves.

The Pluckr is bought by many large fruit processors all over the world. There are even a number of 6-head Pluckrs in use at a large fruit processor in the States. Since the Pluckr was launched 2 years ago, it has really taken off. In 2014 the Pluckr was also awarded the Food Valley Award.