Process development at TOP bv

When thinking of process development in professional environments, one can think of either the engineering or management version. At TOP we implemented both. We perform food process development, while using tailored project management. Food process development means the development of machines, process lines or complete factories. With a small team, 25 people in total, we manage to successfully perform projects from scratch to factory, and everything in between.

Our success story is based on the fact that we have a little bit of everything, or, better said, a little bit of everybody. With a team comprising food microbiologists and technologists, process and mechanical engineers, technical scientists and business developers we can cover the whole process development process, to keep it simple. It all starts with an idea. This idea can come from a customer or can rise up internally. We, for instance, have the “Idea box” in our office, where employees can drop off their proposals for possible new projects.

But of course, a good idea doesn’t make a marketable machine! Is the market ready for something new? Are there possible customers in search for a change, to keep their position in the market? What does today’s consumer demands from food producers? And is the new idea theoretically even feasible? Is there a patent covering the idea? Does the process or machine already exist? More questions could be raised, but I think it is clear that a lot of work is to be done before the design process begins. If it even begins…

Luckily at TOP many projects do begin. From there on the more technical part starts. The first designs are made and a rough bill of material is set up. Next to that the practical feasibility of the first designs are tested during lab scale experiments, in order to further develop the designs for a possible (pilot) process or machine. Without going any deeper into the details of this engineering trajectory, we can definitely say that the whole process development process is very iterative and challenging.

This iterative and challenging trajectory is one of our core businesses at TOP. If you want to start this development process with us, let us know!

Stella Moria