Milk from a single cow, in a single bottle, directly from the farm


What is it?

ElkeMelk is milk from a single cow in one bottle. Because every cow is unique and so is the milk that the cow produces! Whether it is spring or autumn, morning or evening, whether the cow has just calved and what the cow has eaten: It all affects the taste and nutritional value of the milk. Where supermarket milk always has exactly the same composition, Elkemelk brings back this natural variation to the consumer. For example, the consumer can choose a milk with a lot of protein and little fat after exercise, or choose a milk with a lot of fat for the perfect foam on a tasty cappuccino. Each unique bottle of milk contains the milk of one specific cow from farmer Matthijs from the Hazendonkhoeve farm in Molenaarsgraaf. Consumers can even find more information about that one cow on the Elkemelk website. Why? Because the farmer has a heart for his animals and is proud of his end product. This way, the consumer can be proud again too.


TOP’s role

TOP has developed the necessary equipment to pasteurize the milk from each individual cow and fill it into the bottle within 10 minutes after milking. TOP collaborated with GKS Packaging for the construction of the machines. In addition, TOP helped farmer Matthijs on his way with the implementation of the new safety and quality requirements that come with the direct sale of consumer products.