PurePulse logo (PEF 2.0)


An inline cold pasteurization technology


What is it?

PurePulse is an inline cold pasteurization technology. It uses Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF 2.0) to pasteurize beverages and other liquid food products. Because the temperature never exceeds 40 ᵒC, all vitamins, aromas, colours and flavours in the product are preserved. PurePulse is the only inline technology with which you can achieve a significantly longer shelf life without losing any freshness.

  • Fully continuous process
  • 21 day shelf life
  • Maximum freshness thanks to non-thermal processing

For more information also visit: www.purepulse.eu


TOP’s role

TOP is responsible for the complete design process of the PurePulse. It started with the translation from fundamental scientific research to a practical solution. A lot of work was also done in defining the system parameters. After that, the design of the machine, the first prototype, extensive trials, detailed engineering and the construction of a 0-series was performed and made.