TOP BV and Airofiller Equipment Solutions BV join forces

TOP BV (TOP) from Wageningen is going to collaborate with Airofiller Equipment Solutions BV (Airofiller) from Houten which means that machine designs will be realized faster and better. TOP has the experience and knowledge designing new machines, Airofiller has the capacity, experience and equipment to assemble them. The customer thus receives the best service, from initial design to maintenance of the delivered machines.

Both parties have been engaged in the design, development and construction of disruptive technologies within the food technology sector for years. TOP focuses on research and development of technologies and Airofiller has experience in building and maintaining custom turnkey machines for the filling and packaging of all kinds of liquid products. That is why TOP has joined forces with Airofiller for construction and servicing. Both partners continue to do what they do best and thus create new opportunities for each other.

In addition to construction and servicing, TOP and Airofiller will jointly develop new machines and technologies in the future. “Over the past few years TOP has fully specialized itself in the processing of new food products. The innovative packaging options of Airofiller, led by Marc Terlouw, will fit seamlessly with those of TOP”, according to TOP CEO Wouter de Heij. At the moment, the parties are working together to realize the first fully automated kitchen in Europe. Wouter de Heij, “Innovating is doing in practice. Airofiller shows us they are playing the same game we do.”