TOP bv is joining The Protein Cluster

TOP believes in the power of collaboration to develop a portfolio of food products based on vegetable proteins faster and more efficiently. That is why TOP is joining The Protein Cluster, the business network of Foodvalley’s innovation field Protein Shift. The Protein Cluster is a group of innovative companies working together on the development of concepts, the optimization of production processes and targeted marketing for vegetable protein alternatives for meat, fish and dairy.

The demand for such products has grown considerably in the last years. To stimulate this growth, it is important that consumers are offered a wide range of tasty alternatives and the prices of the products must fall. TOP is convinced that in order to achieve this, the various players in the market must join their forces and work together instead of solely competing with each other. The Protein Cluster offers the perfect opportunity for this.

Jeroen Willemsen, Innovation Manager Protein Shift at Foodvalley, encourages TOP’s membership: ‘We need parties like TOP in solving the protein puzzle, especially where it concerns building the bridge between innovation and industrial as well as societal impact’.

In previous news articles we have reported that TOP is fully committed to developing vegetable products. Since 2006, TOP bv is searching for vegetable substitutes for animal protein and has already achieved several successes by developing meat substitutes with a bite, fine taste and the experience of real meat. By becoming a member of The Protein Cluster, TOP joins a strong network of innovative companies that are committed to a more sustainable future.

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