TOP bv Join forces with new sales organization Like Fresh

TOP is the innovation organization behind successful products such as Cold Press, Pluckr, PurePulse, Hygienisator and Compact Food Dryer. To maintain its own innovative power, Like Fresh will support our sales team.

TOP focuses on the development of highly innovative food processing technologies. In addition, TOP will remain active in sales and service processes in collaboration with Like Fresh.

Like Fresh – a sister company of TOP – is a new organization in which years of experience in the food industry has come together.
We offer extensive knowledge of the latest developments in mild preservation and storage of fruit and vegetables. Like Fresh provides high-quality solutions for producers around the world, such as new process lines or innovative applications within existing processes, in this we work together with the engineers from TOP and other innovation partners.’
Rob Veltman, director.

The Like Fresh website went online last week.
For more information about Like Fresh you can contact:
Rob Veltman, CEO of Like Fresh

+31 6 22 93 23 59