TOP bv develops dough sensor for bakeries

TOP bv is working on the development of a dough sensor. With this sensor the quality of the dough can be determined without interrupting the baking process. The application makes it possible to further automate the baking process.

The critical moment for the quality of the bread is determining the texture of the dough. The strength of the protein network in the dough (gluten) determines when the dough is just right. In the current industrial baking process the baker himself still determines by “gut feeling” whether the dough is ready for processing.

TOP now presents a sensor that can measure the strength of the protein network in an objective way. The sensor has two advantages. The process line doesn’t have to be stopped for the determination of the dough quality. And the sensor can easily be linked to existing production lines.

Previously it was impossible to automate the determination of the dough quality. The protein contents in flour can vary greatly. Fixed process settings will therefore not always result in a consistent quality. With the dough sensor the baking process can finally be automated by measuring the network strength, instead of determining the dough by feeling and experience.

Because this sensor can be added to existing lines, automation is now a real possibility for many bakeries. TOP bv expects the market launch of the sensor within a year. Interested companies can already contact TOP to test a prototype.