TOP bv develops an innovative technology for mild sterilization

TOP bv from the Netherlands has developed a new sterilization method that gently sterilizes packed food products using radio frequency. This makes it possible to substantially improve the flavour and nutritional value of sterilized products with a long shelf life.

The technology, called PureWave, works trough radio waves. These waves go much deeper into the product than microwaves. This means food products are heated more evenly and more mildly. This is a global first; therefore TOP bv has a patent pending on PureWave to protect the technology worldwide.

New opportunities for the food industry
PureWave offers new opportunities for food producers around the world, who sterilize, or want to sterilize packaged food. All currently sterilized foods can be sterilized with PureWave and become tastier and of better quality, because less flavour and nutrients are lost. At TOP bv it is already possible to conduct rapid screenings for the effect on quality. In addition a pilot machine will be available soon.

Shifting focus
Sterilization has been used for 100 years, but there have been few innovations on quality improvement in the field of sterilization. The development of PureWave fits the 21st century where we need to eat healthier again and where food waste is a major problem. Wouter de Heij, CEO of TOP bv: ”Mild pasteurization is now fully developed. All information is available and for almost all mild pasteurization technologies testing facilities are available and even lease, rent and sale opportunities. Giving perishable fresh products a longer shelf life remains an important issue. But it is also time to substantially improve the quality, taste and health value of long-life and sterilized products.”

With this new strategy aimed at mild sterilizing TOP bv wants to continue to distinguish itself as an innovative technology developer.