TOP bv presents new sterilization technology during RF In-Pack® demo days

TOP bv presents a new sterilization technology for food: RF In-pack®. This new technology preserves the flavor, colors, textures and vitamins from prepared food products much better than conventional sterilization methods. The product has a much better quality after the RF In-Pack® treatment and looks as tasty as freshly prepared. The preparation time is much shorter. TOP claims this technology is a revolution for food products with a longer shelf life. TOP is delighted to demonstrate this technology on the “RF In-pack® demo days” in October and November this year.

RF In-pack® sterilization
Food producers spend a lot of time and effort into sourcing the best quality ingredients. Then it is a pity that flavors, textures, colors and even the nutritional value are mostly lost by the excessive heat-load of retort sterilization. Long-life foods are therefore less and less popular. Consumers prefer fresh, tasty and long-lasting food products. The newly developed RF In-Pack® technology largely meets this consumer desire.

The RF In-Pack® technology is recently developed by TOP bv. This unique semi-industrial system – the world’s first – uses radio frequency to sterilize solid prepackaged food products with only 40% of the heat load of traditional autoclaves! The sterilization process takes place in the final packaging of the product. TOP is also working on an in-line sterilization process.

Demo days for several product categories
You can talk about food, but you should actually see and taste the difference. That is why TOP BV organizes six separate RF In-Pack® demo days, all focused on one product category:• A sterilized vegetable mix (October 7, October 28)• A sterilized ready-to-eat meal with pasta (October 14, November 4)• A sterilized soup or fruit puree (October 21, November 11)

During the demo days visitors will receive a short lecture, a demonstration of the RF In-pack® technology and a trial session of the product sterilized with RF In-Pack®. Participants will also receive a short report with the results of the day. Participation in the demo days is limited. If you are interested, mail to , you will receive additional information.

About TOP bv
TOP bv has focused on practical innovations in food and food preparation for 15 years and is located in Wageningen, in the heart of the Food Valley. Our activities range from recipe development to design and turnkey delivery of complete food factories. Innovation and improvement of the quality of food and the taste perception by the consumer is of great importance at TOP bv.

Note for the editor: for more information, please contact Ewald Huiskes at or tel. 0317 466 270. If you would like to attend a demonstration, please contact us at