TOP designs factories for mass-customisation in fresh convenience manufacturing


TOP is finalising the conceptual design of a Fresh Convenience manufacturing plant for its client in Saudi Arabia. The state-of-the-art plant is equipped with selected advanced processing technologies and assures the production of a customised portfolio of natural, hygienic food products with extended shelf life.

Dr. Dewanand Mahadew, Business Development Manager at TOP, highlights that they are designing the manufacturing plant according to TOP principles of mass-customisation and personalisation. These formulas, invented by TOP, combine high efficiency with high flexibility. Creativity in conceptualisation, technology knowledge, design and integration capabilities are the key differentiators and lead to affordable capital expenditures for highly flexible production plants. The plant will produce a wide variety of packed and processed food products, including vegetables, fruits, salads, juices, hot meals, soups and sandwiches.

Key data:

  • An average of 164 different recipes per week;
  • Several hundreds of seasonal recipes;
  • More than 500 raw materials and ingredients;
  • An output of 14 million kg food products per annum, to be expanded to 28 million kg per annum in the future.

TOP has optimised and customised the plant for compliance with the broad and diverse products portfolio, local circumstances and other client-specific needs. The result is a lay-out with thirteen production sections comprising automated, semi-automated and manual operated unit operations. In addition, the design includes ambient, chilled and frozen storage sections for both raw materials and finished goods. The manufacturing plant involves a total area of around 18.000 square meters. For further optimisation, TOP has also modelled the inbound and outbound logistics.

Strategically, the product portfolio of the client in Saudi Arabia can be qualified as:

  • Natural and nutrient-rich;
  • Easy to grab;
  • Ready to consume;
  • Multiple health benefits;
  • Large varieties in taste and colours;
  • Smartly processed and packed for longer shelf-life;
  • Excellent fit for social and informal moments.

Marketing and value proposition-wise, the manufacturing plant is future-proof and ahead of the latest trends and developments in the global food sector. Medical issues and increasing medical awareness drive consumers to be more cautious about their food intake and maintain a healthy life and profile. As a result, food is becoming functional, and taste, pureness and nutrient’s values define consumers’ choices. Food has become a way of life, and is much more than just something to ease hunger.

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