TOP ontwikkelt natuurlijke sportdrank op basis van verse wei voor betere sportprestaties

Press release November 18, 2014

The team of TOP bv has developed a natural sports drink based on fresh whey. This sports drink is part of the Dutch IPC project ‘Food, Sports and Health”. Literature study of TOP on the functioning of proteins shows that minimally processed and unheated proteins, potentially have a better contribution to muscle recovery after exercise, which leads to better sports performance. Therefore the sports drink is based on fresh whey, which is only mildly treated with pascalization, to ensure food safety and an extended shelf life.

Sports nutrition is a growing category within health products. The current offer of protein-rich sports drinks mainly consists of powders that need to be rehydrated before usage. A chilled, natural and ready-to-use sports drink, taking into account performance, taste and health is not yet on the market. And yet natural and healthy products are becoming increasingly popular.

Convenience, natural and minimally processed are the main features of this sports drink. Besides fresh whey, it also includes fresh black currant and beet juice. Therefore it is not only rich in protein (10%) but it also contains fiber and micronutrients, including potassium and magnesium, which are relevant for muscle recovery after exercise. The sports drink is named RE:Balance, because healthy exercise suits good sports nutrition for a healthy balance.

In cooperation with InnoSportNL, the organization that initiates and realizes the development of innovative products and services for athletes, top athletes at the Dutch Sportcentrum Papendal will test the sports drink soon. The athletes are hereby prompted for the taste, the usage and the overall impression of the new sports drink. Based on this feedback TOP will finalize the drink for production and market launch. TOP hopes to find production and sales partners to introduce this product to the market.

About TOP bv
TOP bv is an innovative service provider for the food industry and technology suppliers. For that they combine scientific and technological knowledge with practical experience and creativity. That is also the reason why TOP surrounds itself with innovative companies. Because innovation is ‘to do’ in practice.

About InnoSportNL
InnoSportNL initiates, facilitates and implements the development of innovative products and services for Dutch athletes. These innovations allow athletes capable of sustainable progress, lead and gains and to realize sport performances with Olympic ambitions and make the Netherlands vital.

About the IPC-project
The Innovation Performance Contract (IPC) project “Nutrition, Sports and Health: nutrition for specific target groups”, is a collaboration of 13 Dutch SMEs. This involves developing healthy foods for the elderly, (top) athletes and patients. It is a subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, focused on innovation and collaboration within SMEs, and supporting the project with over 360,000 euros. The participating companies are investing 600,000 euros.