TOP shares RF-sterilization strategy

At the Anuga FoodTec, this week in Cologne, CEO Wouter de Heij from TOP bv will share the insights, strategy and status of the technology with regards to sterilization. The development of the new RF-sterilization technology has created a strong need for such insights.

With classical sterilization methods pH-neutral products are packed in glass jars, tins or stand-up pouches. The main drawback of this classic sterilization method is a significant loss of taste, structure and nutritional value compared to fresh or frozen products.

New mild pasteurization technologies like HPP (pascalization) and PEF (pulsed electric field) have been developed and widely adopted in recent years. With these new cold methods, it is possible to retain the fresh taste and health value, while safety and shelf life are improved. Such a new technology, which preserves the nutritional values and taste, is also needed in sterilization.

That’s why TOP bv has taken up the challenge, together with partners, to develop a new sterilization technology suitable to give these pH-neutral products a better quality and fresh perception. Next to PATS (Pressure Assisted Thermal Sterilization), TOP bv from Wageningen focuses specifically on the revolutionary and patented RF sterilization technology (radio frequency).

With this RF-technology the heat load (also known as cooking value) is much lower than with a conventional autoclave process. This results in more color, more structure and more taste. Acidifying or sweetening is no longer necessary. The products comply completely with food safety standards and can be stored without cooling. In the past few years TOP has worked with its partners on scaling up the technology and explored which product categories are most suitable for this new sterilization technology. TOP is also working on in-pack as well as inline RF processes.

If you are interested in an appointment to hear more about the opportunities created by RF-sterilization on 22 or 23 of March at the Anuga FoodTec, please contact us at .