TOP starts collaboration with Inholland College

TOP BV from Wageningen has entered into a collaboration with Inholland College. Students of the college will among others be working on three cases, which TOP has formulated. The students gain experience in an actual project, while TOP can share the results with her partners.

About twenty students Food Commerce and Technology will be working on cases that address current issues in the food industry. The cases that will be covered are among others mild conservation of beverages (HPP) and innovative forms of dairy and dairy alternatives. These three student cases are part of a larger collaboration between Inholland and TOP.

TOP is very excited about this partnership between business and education. For the students it offers a perfect way to practice their learnings, while at the same time getting to know an interesting employer. A collaboration like this will better prepare students for a job in the industry.

The collaboration has started in week 7 2017. TOP expects the first three life cases to bring results that can be used in projects of the company.