TOP supports process development in food sector

The considerable shortfall in highly trained technical staff now also affects SME’s in the food sector. That’s why TOP bv from Wageningen (Netherlands) pays more attention to service in process development. This puts development and realization of for instance new process lines into reach of SME’s.

The shortage of well-educated staff has a restraining influence on the innovative power of small and medium enterprises in the food industry. The demand for suitable technical staff surpasses the supply, making it not only hard to find the necessary employees, but also leading to compensation requirements that are out of reach for smaller enterprises.

On the other hand SME’s often don’t need highly educated technical staff on a fulltime basis for a longer period of time. The knowledge is mostly needed when large changes are taking place, like when implementing a new process line.

TOP bv employs a sufficient number of experienced process engineers and mechanical engineers who possess the necessary technical knowledge. This makes the service provider a suitable partner for companies that want to develop a new process line or want to develop and realize custom-made machines.
At the Anuga FoodTec, 20 – 23 March in Cologne, TOP presents the possibilities for SME’s to the visitors of the trade fair.