Consortium to bring raw milk into the supermarket

At TOP we are currently working on a consortium to market safe raw milk, and we are looking for additional partners. The first tests of raw milk treated with mild preservation technologies such as Pascalisation and PurePulse are very encouraging.

At present raw milk cannot be sold in regular retail channels because of potential contamination of pathogenic bacteria. Mild preservation is a very good way to make raw milk safe without losing nutrients and affecting flavour.

Full flavour
There is an increasing interest in raw milk because of health benefits and the intense and full flavour. At TOP bv we have conducted research that shows the health benefits of raw milk compared to heat-pasteurized milk. However, farmers may only sell this on the farm with a short shelf life. This makes raw milk almost inaccessible for the average consumer. We are now working on an exemption file to be able to sell raw milk through retail. The marketing of raw milk in regular retail channels offers a lot of potential for both farmers and retailers.

To further develop the consortium there is an on-going search for dairy farmers, technology providers, marketing professionals and retailers. Parties that are interested and willing to contribute to market safe, raw milk are welcome to contact us. This initiative is supported by the Dutch NieuwVers project. This project was created to get innovative and sustainable products on the shelves. Raw milk fits in perfectly.

Consumer research
To prepare for the planned introduction the consumer acceptance of raw milk and the underlying technologies also are being investigated. This research has recently started and is carried out by food marketing specialist The Food Agency.